The goal would eventually be to work towards a common improved geoid for the region. A separate allocation of 47,410 MNOK will fund field works and calculations through a framework agreement between the Norwegian Mapping Authority and each of the respective organisations.

The start-up meeting for this project was held in Oslo April 17-18th, 2018.

This project involves all of the geodetic authorities in the Balkan region, including Albania, Kosovo, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia and Montenegro during the period 2017-2020.

Frameowrk agreements between the Norwegian Mapping Authority and the following organisations exist:

  1. State Authority for geospatial Information in Albania (ASIG), project aimed at enhancing the capacity of ASIG to provide geographic information to users, developing a first version for an integrated information system for coastal areas and enhancing eduction  in mapping and cadaster at University level. Budget: 7.3 million NOK.
  2. Bosnia and Herzegovina: Administration for geodetic and real property affairs of Republika Srpska and Administration for geodetic and real property affairs of Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, for implementing digital archive systems and enhancing and improving the networks of permanent GNSS stations. Budget: 6 million NOK.
  3. Kosovo Cadastral Agency: to follow up, complete, roll out and upgrade activities from previous projects together with the agency, including address register and signalization in more municipalities, completing the cadastre map, implementing the new KCLIS text module and establishing the document archive module, rolling out the property register and address register system to 3 Northern municipalities, and improving the IT systems at KCA. Budget: 8.9 million NOK.
  4. Agency for Real Estate Cadastre, Republic of Macedonia: to start establishing a digital terrain model for 1/3 of Macedonia and to build capacity for data storage and distribution. Budget: 7.5 million NOK,
  5. Real Estate Administration (REA) of Montenegro: to establish and address register and improve production of topographic maps. Budget: 3.5 million NOK.
  6. Republic Geodetic Authority of Serbia: Budget: 3.9 million NOK to establish a condominium register and to improve solutions for data distribution and geodata exchange.