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Miscellaneous Notices to Mariners

2 About Etterretninger for sjøfarende

The Norwegian notices to mariners, Etterretninger for sjøfarende (Efs), is published twice a month. The Efs provides information on changes or defects in aids to navigation, discovery of new dangers and on shortcomings in Norwegian charts or publications, navigational warnings, gunnery exercises or other information of interest to mariners. I addition to temporary (T) and preliminary (P) notices in Norwegian waters.

The complete pdf editions of the Efs are accepted as an official Norwegian "notices to mariners" by the Norwegian Maritime Authority, on the same terms as the former printed Efs.

The Efs and tracings are available, free of charge, through the digital Efs service,

2.1 Professional users

Users are responsible for downloading the latest pdf edition of the Efs on

2.2 Digital Efs Service

The digital Etterretninger for sjøfarende (Efs) service has made it possible for the users to easily search for chart corrections and notices for each of the Norwegian charts. Searches can be saved for your next visit on the site. The Efs editions and tracings are available for download, free of charge.

It's possible to search for notices published in the Efs back to 2010. Please note that errors may occur in older notices, then it's the pdf edition of the Efs that's current.

Notices published before 2010 are only available through the pdf editions of the Efs.

2.3 Efs – Contents and Editing

The contents in Etterretninger for sjøfarende (Efs) are sorted by:

  • information about Norwegian charts and nautical publications
  • permanent chart corrections for Norwegian Waters and ocean areas
  • temporary (T) and preliminary (P) notices for Norwegian Waters and ocean areas
  • gunnery exercises, warnings and miscellaneous notices

In addition will information about quality in Norwegian charts, chart date etc. be repeated at regular intervals.

The contents in search and chaptering in the Efs pdf edition are arranged in the following areas: Norwegian Waters, the North Sea, Skagerrak, Kattegat, North Atlantic Ocean, Norwegian Sea westwards to Iceland, Arctic Ocean – the Barents Sea to Greenland, and Svalbard.

Within the area Norwegian Waters, the notices are sorted by their area, prior to their respective chart numbers.

Coastal areas:

  • Oslofjorden
  • Telemark
  • Aust-Agder
  • Vest-Agder
  • Rogaland
  • Hordaland
  • Sogn og Fjordane
  • Møre og Romsdal
  • Sør-Trøndelag
  • Nord-Trøndelag
  • Sør-Helgeland
  • Nord-Helgeland
  • Salten
  • Ofoten
  • Lofoten
  • Vestrålen
  • Sør-Troms
  • Nord-Troms
  • Vest-Finnmark
  • Øst-Finnmark


Chart corrections are translated into English. Other notices of importance for the navigation are translated into English in a shortened version.

2.3.1 Notices Published in the Efs

All corrections of significant navigational importance and other temporary (T) and preliminary (P) notices regarding sailing in Norwegian waters are announced in the Norwegian notices to mariners, Etterretninger for sjøfarende (Efs):

  • New lights and amendments to existing ones
  • Fixed and floating navigation aids
  • Newly identified shallows
  • New or amended submarine cables and pipelines
  • Overhead structures
  • Wrecks or obstacles
  • Light and navaids temporarily out of order
  • Gunnery exercises
  • Information regarding any orders and regulations regarding sailing in certain areas
  • Seismic surveys
  • Planned amendments to lights and aids to navigation, etc.

2.3.2 Temporary (T) and Preliminary (P) Notices

These notices are indicated by (T) or (P) after the notice number, and as they are subject to changes on short notice, the charts will not be corrected. All T notices which have an indicated time will not be repeated unless any changes in time or other important changes.

T and P notices are also available on the Efs Internet service,

2.3.2 Positions

Unless otherwise stated, the positions are given in one of the following manners:

a) In degrees, minutes and decimals of minute.

b) Bearing and distance given from conspicuous points, usually lights, triangulation points etc.

Positions are given in World Geodetic System (WGS84 DATUM).

Bearings are true, reckoned clockwise from 000° to 360°.

Light sectors: Bearings referring to a light sector are given in true degrees as observed from sea.

Distances are given in meters (m) or nautical miles (M).

Depths and heights are given in metres.

2.3.4 Abbreviations

The publication Symbols and Abbreviations on Norwegian Maritime Charts provides an overview of symbols and abbreviations used for Norwegian nautical charts. The text is in both Norwegian and English.

2.3.5 Original Information

A star (*) adjacent to the number of a notice indicates that the notice is based on Norwegian original information.

The charts affected by a notice are listed in the notice heading.

2.4 Nautical Publications

Norwegian nautical publications, in addition to the Norwegian notices to mariners, Efs:

«All ships shall carry adequate and up-to-date charts, sailing directions, lists of lights, notices to mariners, tide tables and all other nautical publications necessary for the intended voyage.» (See SOLAS Consolidated Edition, Chapter V, Regulation 27).

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